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  brigitte Brigitte Biller, founder of 'Auriels Touch' has been in the Toronto beauty industry over 25 years and takes pride in providing pampered, personalized services in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere, offering the highest quality products and techniques available with many years of experience as a Master Color Technician, Medical Aesthetician, Laser Specialist, Paramedical Therapist of Natural Pharmacology, Certified Micropigmentation Specialist (Advanced, Paramedical and Instructor) trained by a Plastic Surgeon, Opthalmologist & Dermatologist.


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  Paramedical Skincare & Acne Revision Clinic - Specializing in treating tough skin problems such as acne scars from the "inside-out". Products alone used on the surface of skin will accomplish very little. Understanding the body's chemistry and knowledge of specialized enzymes creates healthy cells to promote beautiful skin. Treatments for anti-aging (muscle binding), acne therapy, acne correctives, acne scars, rosacea, hyperpigmentation and 6 layer skin peels create a younger-looking you.

Pre & Post Surgery Treatments - Includes an effective immune stimulant capable of healing wounds faster (less recovery time). The ultimate in tissue repair and regeneration to replace older and damaged tissues results in no scars after a surgical procedure.

Paramedical Micropigmentation - Permanent cosmetics can be used for reconstructive purposes. We are dedicated to improving lives. Whether you've had plastic surgery, suffered from illness or accident, camouflaging with permanent cosmetics will do wonders for the outer appearance, however the emotional scars need improvement as well. We also have to work on our "inner beauty". The transformations that come from the motivational seminars are quite often quoted as "amazing".


Toronto Laser Hair Removal Clinic - Laser hair removal is an effective way to rid your body of unwanted hair. This method is safe and highly effective. We use only the latest state of the art laser technologies.

Permanent Cosmetics - Can enhance your own natural beauty for a more carefree lifestyle. Subtle or dramatic enhancements can be made with permanent or semi-permanent cosmetics. Imagine... no more penciling eyebrows or applying lipliner several times daily. Now, you can wake up with natural hairstroked eyebrows. We welcome you to enjoy a new "you".

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Interested in expanding your services or learning a new exciting career?

Permanent Cosmetic Training Program offers the highest paying income in the beauty industry. Learn the necessary skills to excell in business with the latest trends using only the finest quality products & equipment available. Modern Technology combined with marketing strategies give you the knowledge to become a true professional in this field.

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Camp Bucko is a great place for children of all ages who are recovering from burn injuries. Auriel’s Touch offers complimentary services for children aged 7-17 from Sick Kids Hospital.

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