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Beginner - 3 Day Intensive Training

Introduction / Theory
Pigments / Anesthetics
Skintone / Color Selection / Color Mixing
Facial Dermagraphics
Eyebrow Design & Measurement
Proper Machine Position & Skin Support
Rotary vs. Coil Machine
Tools & Materials (Merlin Machine)
Demonstration of Eyebrows by Instructor
Hands on Practice on Mannequin

Written Test for Color Theory
Design 2 Sets of Eyebrows on Mannequin
Read Manual about Eyeliner & Lipliner

Day 2
Allergic Reactions & Patch Testing
Healing Process & Aftercare
Client Consultation
Safety / Sanitization & Sterilization
Universal Precautions
Prevention of Disease Transmission
Protective Equipment
Safe Workplace & Safe Procedures
Dry Run Test: Eyebrows on Partner
Eyebrow Procedures on Models
(Bring model for Eyebrow at 3pm)

Written Test for Safety
Practice Eyeliner & Lipliner on Mannequin

Day 3
Starting your Business
Product Knowledge
Medical Release Forms / Liability Info
Demo (Eyeliner & Lipliner by Instructor)
Dry Run Test: Eyeliner & Lipliner on Partner
Eyeliner & Lipliner Procedures at 2pm
(Bring Model)

Advanced - 1 Day Intensive Training

Correct Brow Placement
Featherstroked Eyebrows
Finding the Perfect Shape
Full Lip Procedure
Redesign Lip Shape
Color Corrections / Fixing Errors
Tattoo Removal
Written Test (Color Correction)
Demo of Featherstroked Eyebrows
Eyeliner and Lipliner Removal
(by Instructor)

Paramedical - 2 Days Intensive Training

Stretch Marks / Cleft Lip / Vitiligo
Burns / Scars / Keloid Scars
Camouflage / Skin Repigmentation
Areola - Nipple (Mastectomy)


1/2 Day Training (includes kit)
Reg. $880 - Show Special $680
(Must have beginners to take this class)


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